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Thursday, May 24, 2012
NASA Johnson Space Center
Houston, Texas

I enjoy interacting with students and educators in classroom or auditorium settings from my office at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Above are some pictures of one of the shows I did with a museum in Massachusetts. Since then, I've enjoyed doing several shows with a Community College physics classroom in Texas. My programs deal with personal experiences encountered during my 47+ years as a NASA Engineer. I often share what it was like to participate in the rescue of Apollo 13 as the mission's warning system engineer. My purpose is to motivate students on the value and excitement of pursuing a STEM career. To this end, I give weekly one hour presentatations to high school and community college students as well as educators during the spring and summer. This is in conjunction with NASA JSC's Aerospace Scholars Programs. The title of the presentation is: FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION: Overcoming Fear, Failure and Frustration - Steps to Success. The content of the program is motivational.

If there is interest in interacting with me through SKYPE for your class, community/professional/educational group, email me. I'll do my best to work with you on scheduling the SKYPE show. There is, of course, no charge for this. It is my desire to reach out and share all the good things I've enjoyed because of the wonderful career NASA has provided me. I consider it a privilege! Contact me via email. My email address is:


Jerry Woodfill Former Apollo 11 and 13
Warning System Engineer

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