The SPACE EDUCATORS' HANDBOOK AUXILIARY PDF/VIDEO PAGE contains links to educational resources contained within the website and media (CDROM). No links go beyond the contents of the media or website. The table below displays subject matter according to topic and educational interest group.

After each listing is a letter designating content usefulness. The designation (P1) is for grades K-3; (P2) grades 4-6; (I) grades 7-8; (H) grades 9-12; (U+) university academia, research, industrial and commercial interests; (T) Teacher resources are included. In some cases, more than one designation is assigned a topic When the listing could be used by all groups, the designation (All) follows the topic. NOTE: Adobe Acrobat .pdf files require the Adobe Acrobat player Acroread. Install the free player by clicking here: Windows 95/98 or here Macintosh OS.

A   Amelia Earhart Activity Booklet [1970K .pdf file] (P1)(P2)(I)
Amelia Earhart Learning Packet [2706K .pdf file](T-Teacher)
Amusement Park Physics [14512K .pdf](P2)(I)(T) General Aviation (comic) Learning Packet for Students and Teachers [3017K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H)(T)
Advanced Control Technology of Integrated Vehicles (Aircraft) Guide [K .pdf file - 88 pages](T - Teacher and Student (P1)(P2)(I)
Apollo 11 Movie (Summary) (All)
Apollo 11 Movie (gyro demo)
Apollo 11 Movie (computer entry demo)
Apollo 11 Movie (ending quarantine)
Apollo 11 Movie (Jules Verne Discussion)
Apollo 11 Movie (planting U.S. Flag)
The Apollo Program Pictures in color with narratives [84k .pdf file] (All) Astronaut Fact Book (updated in July 2003) [555k .pdf file] (All)
B   Story of Echo, the Bat Supporting .pdf files forEcho, the Bat: Activities:Ages 6-9/Grades K-4, Activities:Ages 6-9/Grades K-4, Adventure Map, Color Mixing Table, Digital Picture,Imagers, Teachers' Guide: Remote Sensing, How Satellite Images are Created, Satellite Pictures, Teachers' Guide: Understanding Light, Wavestown Biology: The Immune System Cartoon Movie [35535K .mpg movie file] (P1)(P2)(I)  
C   Career, Preparing for in Aerospace Coloring Book and Activities [2498K .pdf file] (P1)(P2)(I) Challenger Tragedy Launch Video of Explosion[(All) Chemistry of Ice Cream [1003K.pdf file] (H)(U+)
Study of Cell Growth in a Microgravity Environment [430K .pdf file](T - Educators' Brief with Student Activities) (H)    
D   Docking with the International Space Station) [109k .pdf file] (T - Educators' Brief and Student Activities)(P2)(I) General James H. Doolittle Comic and Learning Packet [1835K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H)(T)  
E   Earth and Space Science[9428K .pdf file](T - 352 page teachers' guide with student activities)(P2)(I)(H); Earth Glossary of Terms [2022K .pdf file] (T - Teacher Guide with Student Activities)(I)(H) First American EVA by Ed White video [20 second clip] (All)
First Soviet EVA video [24 second clip] (All)
F   First Man in Space: Yuri Gagarin Video [25 second video](All) Flight, Centennial of - Teachers' Toolkit [156K .pdf file] (T) Space Food and Nutrition [1551K .pdf file](T - Teachers' Guide with Student Activities (P1)(P2)(I)
G   Dr. Robert H. Goddard Learning Packet (comic)[3682K .pdf file] (I)(H)(T)    
H-K   History of NASA: Memorandem from President, April 20, 1961(H)(U+)
Memorandem from
Memorandem from President, April 20, 1961(H)(U+) President, April 28, 1961(H)(U+)
Legislative Origins of NASA [8309K .pdf file - 82 pages] (H)(U+)
Walking to Olympus, An EVA Chronology[3503K .pdf file, 146 pages] (I)(H)(U+)
Fourty Years of Human Spaceflight Symposium: Looking Back: Looking Forward [908K .pdf file, 257 pages](I)(H)(U+)
General Daniel "Chappie" James (comic) Learning Packet for Students and Educators [3095K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H)(T)  
M   Is There Water on Mars? [4609K .pdf file] 109 pages (H) Major General William "Billy" Mitchell (comic) Learning Packet for Students and Teachers [1975K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H)(T) Who Added the Micro to Gravity [437K .pdf file] 17 pages (I) and teachers guide
Microgravity Drop Tower Demonstrations [722K .pdf file] 22 pages (H) and teachers guide
N-O   The Northern Lights - Dancing in the Night Sky [633K .pdf file] (T - Teacher Guide with Classroom Activities)(P2)(I) Ocean Planet Classroom Activities (T - Teacher and Student Activities)  
R   Captain Edward "Eddie" V. Rickenbacker (comic) Learning Packet for Student and Teachers [10975K .pdf file] (P2)(I)(H)(T) Captain "Eddie" Rickenbacker Activity Booklet(comic) for Students [1784K .pdf file] (P1)(P2)(I)(H) Robots and Humans [ 465K .pdf four page file] (P2)(I)(H)
Rocket Principles for Kids: Three-Two-One-Liftoff! [4940K .pdf file] (P1)(T)    
S   Space Education for the Very Young [26591K .pdf file] (P1)(T) Sun, How Science Study [409K .pdf file ](T - Educators' and Students Guide with Acitivities)(P2)(I) Space Shuttle Activity Comic For Kids [2234K .pdf] (P1)(P2)(I)
Space Shuttle Learning Packet for Teachers [3518K .pdf file](T) International Space Station : A Key to Discovery (Educational Resource for teachers and students) [1003K .pdf file] (All)(T) Resources on how the Sun relates to Earth [1661K .pdf file] (P1)(P2)(I)(H)
V   Volcanoes on Jupiter's Moon, Io [1300K .pdf file](I)(H)    
W-Z   Learning to Fly: The Wright Brothers' Adventure [3648K .pdf file] 117 pages (P2)(I)(T)
The Wright Way: Innovation Through Engineering [404K .pdf file] 10 pages (All)(T)
Wilbur and Orville Wright Activity Booklet [1868K .pdf file] 22 pages (P1)(P2)(I)(T)
The accompanying learning packet to the above booklet for instructors [2303K .pdf file] 33 pages (T)
Wright Brothers Mathematics [337K .pdf file] 18 pages (P2)(I)(T)
About the Wright Brothers' Postage Stamp [65K .pdf file] 3 pages (All)
The Edible Wright Flyer: made of Graham crackers and pretzels [97K .pdf file] One page actitivity (P1)(P2)(T)
Build a Glider Model of the Wright Flyer [157K .pdf file] 6 pages (I)(H)
Wright Brothers' Plane Poster of this 1902 airplane [313K .pdf file] (P1)(P2)(I)(H)(T)
X-1 Paper Glider Kit [476K .pdf file - 5 pages] (T - Teachers' Guide and Student Activity)(P2)(I)(H)
X-1 Paper Glider Kit [476K .pdf file - 5 pages] (T - Teachers' Guide and Student Activity)(P2)(I)(H)
X-38, Crew Return Vehicle Educational Brief [37K .pdf file](P2)(I)
X Gliders [124K .pdf file - 6 pages] (T - Teachers' and Students Educational Brief)(P1)(P2)
Zero-G bursting of balloon one [8 second video]
Zero-G bursting of balloon two(All) [12 second video]
Zero-G bursting of balloon three [14 second video]
Zero-G effects on the body [32 second video]

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