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Web edition edited by Daniel R. Glover, Jr.

NASA Lewis Research Center
Cleveland, Ohio


This dictionary was orignally published as NASA SP-7 in 1965. The editor for the first edition was William H. Allen. The introduction to the first edition describes how the original dictionary was prepared. The Web edition cannot hope to match the rigorous procedures followed by the original, but it is hoped that it will still be useful. The dictionary's accuracy will depend on the quality of feedback that we get from users. Please browse the dictionary and look for missing terms, out-of-date terms, typos, etc., and let us know if you have any constructive suggestions for improvement.

Because the original text is from 1965, many terms that are commonly used today, such as "space shuttle," are not to be found in the dictionary. We hope to add such terms along with NASA names, SI units (e.g., changing cycles per second to Hz), and other modernizations, as a matter of course.

This electronic edition began as a direct translation of the original into HTML. Each letter is contained in a file. The size of the files range from a few KBytes to over 200K. Because the original dictionary was 30 years old when we started, a few of the definitions are out of date or incomplete. Most of the definitions are quite useful, however. Future versions will add to and subtract from the definitions in an effort to modernize and update the contents. Our hope is to eventually move to a database implementation for quick searches.

This project was started with HTML 2, so the equations and tables in the book were not entered. The pages have been updated with HTML 4.0, which provided ways to enter what had been left out before. Thanks to Ms. Donna Clements, who did most of the typing, and to Shannon Steinfadt and Wesley Eddy who have updated and maintained this web-site.

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