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The Telepresence Laboratory is a testbed for telepresence technology to enable accurate, safe, intuitive remote control of robotic systems.


The Telepresence Laboratory (TPL) is chartered to investigate, evaluate and design components and systems that address limitations in teleoperation technologies for control of robotic systems. Significant telepresence system technology challenges for the Robonaut project center on providing sensing of posture and feedback of information without overly encumbering the teleoperator. Some of the component technologies under investigation in the TPL include Helmet Mounted Displays, force and tactile feedback gloves, eye trackers and posture trackers. The telepresence technologies evaluated and designed in the TPL can be applied to various multi-arm robotic systems to aid in the control process by making the operation of such devices a more natural and intuitive activity.

Other areas of investigation involve haptic feedback to the teleoperator. Both haptic and force feedback gloves have been purchased and are being integrated into the lab environment. Output from the gloves will be used to drive a multi-fingered simulation as well as a four fingered, tendon actuated robotic hand. The simulated hand and the robotic hand will be configured to output contact and force parameters when contact is made with another object. These force parameters will be used to drive the haptic and force feedback actuators located on the teleoperator's glove.

For more information on Robonaut's TLP, contact Darby Magruder

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