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Robonaut uses some of the latest software development tools, including custom tools designed to help with Robonaut's unique requirements.

Rapid prototyping


Several methods for rapid software prototyping are utilized by theRobonaut project. System models and controller designs developed inMatlab are converted to C code directly by using the Matlab Real-Timeworkshop. This capability to rapidly produce code directly fromverified system results allows many different techniques to be tried onhardware. The generated code can also be tested using the Enigma basedgraphical simulation of the Robonaut systemThe Robonaut program also uses the Cooperative Manipulation Testbed(CMT) facility to trategies.The CMT is made up of three manipulators and their tooling. The threemanipulators are seven degree of freedom devices. Two manipulators areidentical while the third is a larger, scaled version of the others.This similar/dissimilar arrangement allows for testing of homogenousand heterogeneous tasks. The smaller manipulators have three fingeredhands for tooling. This flexible tooling allows the manipulators tohandle a wide variety of tasks. The larger manipulator has aquick-change mechanism allowing it to autonomously change specialpurpose end-effectors. All manipulators have six axis end-effectorforce/torque sensors and joint torque sensors for high bandwidth forcecontrol. The computing and development environment for CMT isidentical to the Robonaut system for rapid software transfer. develop and test software and controls

CooperativeManipulation Testbed

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