Concept: Examine Cover-art Robotics for Feasibility and Innovation

Cover Images

Evil Robot Cover
Discuss Robot X's mobility based on the appearance of his torso and joints.

Alien Robots Cover
Speculate as to why the pair of robots are wearing spacesuit helmets.

Four Tentacle Robot
For what purpose might the four tentacles of the cover robot serve? What sea creature compares to the robot, and how are the sea creature's tentacles helpful?

Multi-arm-leg-eye-box robot
The combat robot has four legs, numerous eyes, at least several tentacle-like arms, and a box body. How would these features help or hinder the robot in combat?

Multi-Leg Robot
Is the cover robot an example of "teleoperation", or is it an example of a construction machine, or an example of both?

Caterpillar Rover Robot
What benefit is there in designing a robot with a mechanism that behaves like a caterpillar? Explain. How many degrees of freedom does the caterpillar's arm, without the hand, exhibit?

Lunar Highways Cover
Speculate as to the type of propulsion the lunar rocket-cars exhibit. What is the purpose of the wings and tail? (The Moon has an airless environment.) Explain. To what advantage would such highways serve lunar transportation? Are these transporters robotically guided?

The Mad Robot
What would make a robot "mad", i.e., "out of his mind" based on how autonomous robot's function? Would firing a rifle at the robot be the optimum means of aborting the robot's operation? Examine the leg and arm robotic mechanisms. Would they permit the robot to walk and use its arms in the same fashion as a human?

Combat Robot Cover
What is the purpose of the tube-like device atop the combat robot's head? Study its design for clues. What do you think is the purpose of the gold-colored panels on the robot's body? Do the robot's members exhibit a mechanical design that would provide the "degrees of freedom" required to aim at the fighter jets? What do you think about the degrees of freedom (mobility) of the cylindrical device on the robot's head? Discuss your thoughts at length.

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