Educational Robotic Pdf Files


Brave Robots: To design a robot that could do a dangerous job in place of a human

Robotic Arm: To develop a robotic arm and end effector to interact with the environment

Lego Brick Sculptures and Robotics in Education

Build Your Own Robot Arm : Develop a robot arm using common materials. Students will explore design, cosntruction, teamwork, and materials selection and use.

Incorporating Lego Mindstorms in the classroom:: A paper detailing use of Lego Mindstorms in college mechanical engineering classes

Designing a Low-cost, Expressive Educational Robot :

Human and Robotic Exploration

MIT ROBOTIC BRAIN AND HEAD DEVELOPMENT: An especially advanced paper on robotic technology

Humans and Robots : NASA educational brief for students grades 5-12

Hungarian Lunar Robot : The design and construction of the Hungarian lunar robot

Robotics in the Classroom : A collaborative unit for 5th and 6th grade students in math, science, and language arts

Miniature Autonomous Extravehicular Robotic Camera (Mini AERCam) : Description of a video camera created for surveying space station exterior status

Experiments with an EVA Assistant Robot : Description of the NASA EVA Robotic Assistant Robot and findings during field tests.

Robotic Education for Inner City Students : Pilot project for using a robotics curriculum to engage inner city students in math and physics studies.

ROVer Ranch: A 3-d Learning Environment for K-12 : Description An online NASA project for K-12 students to learn about robotics engineering

Mars Exploration Rover Launch: Information about the Mars Exploration Rovers and Program

Mars Exploration Rover Landings: More information about the Mars Exploration Rovers and Program

Mars Exploration Rover: Still more Information about the Mars Exploration Rover and Program