The moment Alex Murphy is pronouned dead, robotic technicians recreate him as a cyborg robot, i.e., he is a person whose biological brain operates all the robotic systems and mechanisms of the entity. In a sense, Robocop is simply a teleoperated robot much like the NASA Robonaut. However, Alex's brain is taught or somehow programmed to behave much of the time as a robotic policeman.

The robotic technicians implement a vision system which is adjusted as his brain causes it to follow a pen being moved. The audio recording and playback subsytem is tested until it is perfect. These systems make Robocop a robot that can document any situation encountered with perfect recollection that would be irrefutable in the courtroom. Like the three basic robot commandments, Robocop has 3 basic prime directives. These are:

1. Serve the Public Trust
2. Protect the Innocent
3. Uphold the law

There is a 4th secret prime directive which he is unaware of in the beginning. Robocop is an extremely accurate marksman with accuracy enabling him to swiftly deal with criminals.


Robocop Comic Cover

Based on the photo of the comic cover(click above on it to open it), which of Asimov's three laws for robots is being violated?

Robocop Movie Poster

The Robocop poster shows the form of Robocop to be identical to a human, or a knight in armor. Knowing that Robonaut's control system is a human brain, what advantage does the design have over another mechanism for Robocop? For example, the brain could drive a multi-armed device with tank treads for locomotion.

Robocop Battling Gangster Robot

Examine the painting of Robocop battling a criminal robot. What advantage, if in a fight such as wrestling, would Robocop have over the mechanical design of the gangster robot? Assume that neither has weapons other than the members of their respective bodies? What does this indicate about designing robots with body forms like humans?

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