"There she is!" cried Echo. The mother bats returned and greeted their pups. Echo called to his mother, "Over here!" But she flew over to another bat pup.

"Mother, over here!" cried Echo again. But Mother bat flew to another bat pup sniffing and licking its fur. "Oh, why doesn't she hear me," Echo thought to himself.

Finally Mother bat flew to Echo and started licking his fur. "Why didn't you hear me?" Echo asked his mother.

"Well, Echo," replied Mother bat, "Since it is so dark in our hollow tree and there are so many pups, I had to use another sense to find you."

"I could tell that you are my baby because of your scent. So, you see, Echo, I had to get close enough to the bat pups to smell their scents."

Echo and his mom hang upside down. Echo's mom licks his forehead.

" Bats," continued Mother Bat, "have many different senses and one very special sense that you will learn about later.

Echo was very happy that his mother had returned. He wondered what other sense his mother was talking about.

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