The following poems and messages were authored by school children shortly after the loss of the Challenger Seven crew and sent to the Johnson Space Center to encourage the families of the crew and employees at Johnson Space Center:


Love is sharing your happiness and your family, friends, and other people's pain. Love is sharing your love, joy, and peace. Love is caring for others and helping others. THAT IS WHY I SHARE MY LOVE WITH YOU. Happy Valentine Day Love, Tara

Dear NASA, I think the whole country is feeling bad because your greatest creation blew up. I hope that you will be able to construct a new Shuttle that will be better than the last one. Sincerely, Brandon Kovach

7 have died, Many have cried, There's something I should say, and that is It's OK! Jasen Secrest


They are all gone today, The Challenger Crew Has Gone Away There is Nothing I can say. That says how bad I feel today...Matt

To those seven who now live in heaven We thank you for giving your lives For the living.

We salute you as we stand. We will lend you a helping hand. Now we see faith in your eyes For you, for all, and for those who died. Glenn Prince

I'd like to go up in the sky Beyond the stars where planets lie To see the craters of the Moon Where we might all live someday soon. I'd like to see where the astronauts land And where the flag stands in the sand Up where those seven brave people went And just for us, their lives they spent. Julie Girvin